Wednesday, December 29

My Dad's remodeling a house nearby to ours in Aiken. Looks beautiful so far. It's so interesting how the layout of a house has such a significant impact on how efficiently and comfortably the space is used. My Dad's done such a great job and I'm so so proud of him. Just wish I could be here to help finish it up.

Monday, December 20


I missed my bus stop on the way to Union Square, but this made up for it:


dim sum for 2: $4.50
the photos turned out a bit blurry...meh...

Wednesday, December 15

Goodies in the mail today :-)
  1. A postcard! My friend Bunggay travels around the West Coast to lovely places like Boise, Idaho where they have stores like Barbara, Barbara & Company. Only there would they have enough Barbaras to to make that name feasible. Thank you plastic bag maaaan!
  2. My drivers license (with a terrible picture. I'm not even looking at the camera, but I'm happy it arrived nonetheless so I don't have to go chase someone down)
  3. Mona Lisa Smile on Netflix.

Thursday, December 2

Just had a very productive design session (in my opinion). Whenever I research I always stumble upon some interesting sites...also a couple sites from late night/early morning support (yay!) I am dead tired but here they are with first impressions:

  1. Last Gas Station: perhaps the best electro blog I found tonight. Share share share!
  2. Fuck Yeah Helvetica: for all you Helvetica lovers out there. I liked this one. Hehe for design jokes.
  3. The Green Eyl: "multidisciplinary design practice investigating the aesthetic potential of technology." I couldn't say it better.
  4. Bricoleurbanism: hand-drawn urban street maps, allowing comparisons of traffic flow structure in various large cities. Did I sound smart there? Probably not. (I was more keen on the maps :-x)
  5. More music.

OK...blurring out. Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 1

I've fallen in love with the sky this year and always find myself looking up (in actually many ways). Opal sunset today. Got it just in time.

Monday, November 29

T H A N K S G I V I N G :

My roomie Maria, her niece Pheonix, and some ludicrous-speed floor spinning.

Sunday, November 28


Good mix of vintage and kitschy stuff. Worthwhile for easy finds, but rather pricey (or I'm just bad at haggling). Highlights: roasted corn stand and I did get an awesome yellow step trashcan for $5, which has left me unusually excited over purchasing a trashcan. However, I think this will be a one-time thing. I'll probably just stick to the De Anza Flea Market (actually coming up this Saturday, I believe) It's free if I park on the street and I don't have to drive so far. heheee. Getting out today was worthwhile though; the weather was beautiful even right after yesterday's downpour :-)

Sunday, November 21


Pick up pennies from the ground.

Eat food past the expiration date.

Ask for extra drinks on a plane flight for later.

Today's steamed rice is tomorrow's fried rice.

Sell stuff that you get in the Free Stuff section of Craigslist
(except I get it off the curb).

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Co-created by Jenn and Jeff and my good (and yes stingy) buddy Cyn.
Enter a submission here.

Saturday, November 20

Goodness! I haven't checked back on Jean Jullien's work for awhile, but every time I do, I always find myself in awe at how conceptually aware his kooky drawings are. Swoon* These are some of the illustrations he created for Waterstone's kids section.

Also super awesome:
JJ's Illustrated Diary
Niwouinwouin - Catastrophe music video
Table Man
It Fell Down the Stairs

Friday, November 19

Saturday, November 13

Back at Cyn's again for the weekend :-)
The happy mood I'm in doesn't exactly match the mood of these photos, but here they are anyhow. This is on the way to take out her trash.

Thursday, November 11

B L O G F I N D: Clare Owen Illustration and her ETSY Shop.
Rosie cheeks and graphite and word balloons and grandma patterns!!
[found via Kitsune Noir]
Head over heels. Never seen graffiti quite like this.
Italian artist: CT

[ via Grain Edit & PAWLING Print Studio ]
UPDATED 11/15/10: More amazing work at his EKOSYSTEM gallery

Wednesday, November 10

Vicky & Eddie's Wedding (contd.) Just a few snaps of Vicky solo.

South First 11/05

Sunday, November 7

11/06/10 Vicky & Eddie's Wedding (unedited) More to come!

B L O G F I N D: For Me, For You by Kate Miss.
She also has a Big Cartel jewelry shop and an awesome tattoo.