Tuesday, August 24

Oooh hoo hoo! Tee hee hee!

I got out on my bike this evening :-) Yaaay! Perfect night for a ride. It wasn't cold at all. In fact, it's 9:00 pm and still ridiculously hot. After being coaxed into being dropped off in Cupertino (with pearl tea), I worked my way back home down Stevens Creek Blvd and enjoyed the view along the way, which was mostly auto dealerships, but tinsel is quite pretty at night.

Monday, August 23

Since I was little, my Dad and I have bonded over a love for The Eagles. Nothing brings out the old white man in me like Hotel California. I wish I could take him to the concert in October. I wish I could take him to the concert in Melbourne!

Castle Rock State Park - Los Gatos

Half-day hike. I hurt in places that I've never known, primarily the ass area. The view was amazing and it was wonderful to get out of the apartment but I'm so out of shape. I need to make more of a conscious effort to get out and move about rigorously. This can also include dancing.

Tuesday, August 17

Diggin' NPR's current NEW MIX.

1. Jardin du Luxembourg - The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger
2. Down on Love - Sarah Blasko
3. Never Ever Ever Ever Again - Siskiyou
4. Horse Power - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
5. Come Undone - Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
6. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - Queens of the Stone Age

I never even knew John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a son...
Trying to drown out the weird scraping noise coming from the apartment next door. It's almost Grudge 2 status. What the hell are they doing over there? I can't tell what it is.

I hope I can sleep tonight...

Sunday, August 15

mmm. Feels good to have my own room again. It's been over 5 years. I love unpacking. It's like discovering treasure buried years ago. A few snaps of getting set up:

Wednesday, August 11

plans plans plans...

SF Botanical Gardens
Kite Flying at Shoreline
FYF (maybe)
Underground Market SF/Off The Grid (this Friday)
Swap Meet
SF Zoo/Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey Bike Trail
Photo Days/Craft Nights
Creme Brulee

Tuesday, August 10

I'd like to be the frog and the box: financial stability. If only it were that easy.

Illustration by KYLE PELLET

Monday, August 9

7:30 pm. Back at work.

Project due tomorrow at 7am. It was either here at 4:30 tomorrow morning or coming back to work a few more hours. I'd rather sleep in.

I have to say it's kinda nice having the office to myself. I don't have to listen to my coworker's Motown jams or answer phones or make polite conversation. Just me doing what needs to be done with no interruptions. If only it were more like this every day.

12:00 am. I take it back. It's creepy as hell. The light switch flicked off by itself and it freaked me out. Big thanks to Viv and Stephen for coming to my rescue and keeping this scardey cat company. I must have some kind of electromagnetic charge cause the lights started flickering in every room I went into and stopped when I left. Never again.

Saturday, August 7

Such a good night! I actually took a chance and expected to lonely-loser it today...go to South First by myself...maybe Agenda too. But turns out I ran into lots of old faces AND met KYLE PELLET, whose work I love, but it also turns out I've kinda known him all along. heheee.

Nice to see San Jose out and about.

Money well spent:
Pellet Turtle Magnet, $1
2 Tacos from MoGo BBQ truck, $4
Bollywood Pistachio Ice cream from Treatbot truck, $3
The Workout at Agenda, Freeeee (Thanks Teri!)

Friday, August 6

Terd Thursday. It is in my nature to dwell, but I'd rather not. So instead lets look ahead.

Looking forward to:
1. Finishing a secret project (for now). I'm hoping it comes out as awesome as it is in my mind.
2. SJ Bike Party. Anyone else going?
3. Decorating our new apartment and having a door. Only one more week away!
4. Getting a haircut. Should I cut it short? short short?

Feel like watching Stranger Than Fiction. Love THIS SCENE.

Wednesday, August 4

Late night creme brulee. Hat tip to Stephen. It was amazing.

Tuesday, August 3

"Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request." Yes?
Thank you Julia for the lovely postcard.

Thanks to the absence of internet at my apartment, I saw Roman Holiday for the first time last night. I had never been a big fan of classic movies in the past, let alone Audrey Hepburn, but I'm afraid I've joined the bandwagon. So like rollercoasters, electro and avocadoes (things I had shunned before) I've grown to enjoy them quite a bit.

I mentioned it to my Dad, and he was surprisingly very excited for me. (I love my Dad) We will be compiling a list of recommended movies for my Netflix queue. Maybe I'll post it?

Also, my little brother caught a 2 ft fish on Lake Eerie. DANG BRO! I'm so proud.
Summer dusk outside our new apartment.

The eggs hatched. See the kids here.

Really really. It's all gone. My apologies to those who liked to go back to the pictures of my jacked up bangs for a good laugh. I had to do it. I had to restart. The baggage of entries past (although written with mostly light-hearted humor) was weighing down on me. I could never finish a journal. Good thing blogs don't have pages to fill. I get to make new ones as I go.