Wednesday, December 29

My Dad's remodeling a house nearby to ours in Aiken. Looks beautiful so far. It's so interesting how the layout of a house has such a significant impact on how efficiently and comfortably the space is used. My Dad's done such a great job and I'm so so proud of him. Just wish I could be here to help finish it up.

Monday, December 20


I missed my bus stop on the way to Union Square, but this made up for it:


dim sum for 2: $4.50
the photos turned out a bit blurry...meh...

Wednesday, December 15

Goodies in the mail today :-)
  1. A postcard! My friend Bunggay travels around the West Coast to lovely places like Boise, Idaho where they have stores like Barbara, Barbara & Company. Only there would they have enough Barbaras to to make that name feasible. Thank you plastic bag maaaan!
  2. My drivers license (with a terrible picture. I'm not even looking at the camera, but I'm happy it arrived nonetheless so I don't have to go chase someone down)
  3. Mona Lisa Smile on Netflix.

Thursday, December 2

Just had a very productive design session (in my opinion). Whenever I research I always stumble upon some interesting sites...also a couple sites from late night/early morning support (yay!) I am dead tired but here they are with first impressions:

  1. Last Gas Station: perhaps the best electro blog I found tonight. Share share share!
  2. Fuck Yeah Helvetica: for all you Helvetica lovers out there. I liked this one. Hehe for design jokes.
  3. The Green Eyl: "multidisciplinary design practice investigating the aesthetic potential of technology." I couldn't say it better.
  4. Bricoleurbanism: hand-drawn urban street maps, allowing comparisons of traffic flow structure in various large cities. Did I sound smart there? Probably not. (I was more keen on the maps :-x)
  5. More music.

OK...blurring out. Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 1

I've fallen in love with the sky this year and always find myself looking up (in actually many ways). Opal sunset today. Got it just in time.