Thursday, September 30

OMG. I can't believe I'm still awake. Been drifting in and out of sleep the whole night. I blame Tapioca Express. Coffee milk tea was so good though (but maybe not the best idea in the evening).

Guess I should be happy that designing has been on my mind. Just wish I could sleep instead right now. Maybe I should go into work...early?! O_O

Saturday, September 25

Friday, September 17

How do I know it's Friday?
  • I've already had my Chipotle and efforts to bring my lunch in have waned.
  • The leaf blowers are out, apathetically blasting debris into the street, into our office, and into our cracked car windows.
  • Everyone has decided that they want their prints due on the last day of the week. Half of those people submitted the wrong file size.
  • I let assumption take over my thinking process. Shakes head*
We thought it was Friday yesterday, but disaster hadn't reared it's ugly head yet. So it was just merely Thursday. But it's only halfway through the day, I have 4 hours left to get it handled, and DAMMIT! I will.

That was kinda negative. I just find it funny how the end of the week feels the same way to most people in the print industry that I work with.

So something good. It's Friday :-) no work tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 15

So far, I've really enjoyed summer and going into September, but I'd still like to:

take a life drawing class
draw more in general
focus more on layout
learn guitar
learn to not kill my plants
learn to make new food
sew a pencil case
freelance more
eat more veggies
keep up friendships
keep saving money
keep riding my bike
tour SF on bike
continue "the hunt"
get some chairs and a couch

Monday, September 13

THIS SATURDAY. I'm doing it!! THE AEOLIAN RIDE. I remember emailing them a few years ago when they were in SF to come to San Jose and now they are! woohoo!

TOKYO AEOLIAN RIDE from sonicribbon on Vimeo. Music by popo (sounds like cute carnival music. keke)

Friday, September 10

Wednesday, September 8

Spaghetti. Serving size: probably 5. People eating: 1.

Not so fun cooking for yourself, but I'll have lunch and dinner for the rest of the work week! I need to learn how to cook something besides this and curry as my "fancy" food. Although I haven't made spaghetti in awhile.

On another note, the weather was gloomy and overcast today, but I really liked it. Made me feel all nostalgic for some reason. Maybe it's my cold.

Monday, September 6

Yes, Please! The Form Book: Creating Forms for Printed and Online Use

I had to redesign the invoice for work because our clients, who like many people, only took a moment to glance at the entire paper, and based on the layout of the page, did not take the time to look at the right numbers, which led to an inaccurate remittance. Then I had to deal with it. Plus, our old one used multiple sans serif and serif typefaces, and it was just ugly. So, I began looking through examples of invoices and became really fascinated with the hierarchy of information, how the eye is led around a page, what categories are used, how much guidance it provides to the reader...etc...

The invoice came out...better? I had to unfortunately redesign it in our accounting software template. And that was that. So, after overlooking this brief fascination with forms, I stumbled upon The Form Book at B&N and was in awe that someone had actually compiled a complete resource about them.

The thing that I like is that forms provide function and direction, and aren't just there to be pretty...Is this too much? haha. I got really excited. Definitely getting this book soon.
FYF Fest. Awesome.

Despite the long lines and lame food and lack of preparation and porta-potties in general, it was a good goooood time. I danced until I could dance no more. This was my very first music festival, and I had only heard of two bands, but I went with a group of great people who love the music and that made it EVEN better.

So much more I could say, but I'll just leave it with my favorites that day: Magic Kids, then Cold Cave, then Delorean. School of Seven Bells was great too...and a few pictures...

Wednesday, September 1

My roomie Maria got polaroid magnets for our fridge. Picking out pictures to put in 'em. Maybe a couple of these? (taken with the Hipstamatic App for iPhone)