Sunday, January 2


Less than two hours to scour the whole floor was not enough!!

Lovely shops and lovely people:
...aaand the full vendor list :)
I'd like to hit the ground running. Do what I've intended to do. Finish things I start - do it right away. Smile more. Spend less. Seek the knowledge I was waiting to be given. Shoot and ask questions later. Have a plan. Not just a week plan, but a year plan, hopefully leading into a 7 year plan.

Coming home to Aiken always allows me to take a step back, think and think some more. I sit here like a lump and watch TV for a good part of the day, but in the back of my seemingly blissfully vegetated brain, I am contemplating a growing checklist of all things I need to do/learn/begin when I get back home to San Jose...and where to go from there...and from there...

I'm really excited for all the possibilities in this new year :) Happy 2011.